Recipes How To Make Indian Parata

Recipes How To Make Indian Parata

Recipes How To Make Indian Parata – Parata or Paratha Bread is a processed food that comes from India, this preparation is often encountered with a curry menu as a complement. Because it is very suitable pratha bread when dipped into curry sauce, or just a snack just to accompany your breakfast. So for you who are fans of Indian cuisine must have been familiar with this soft bread. Therefore it certainly knows the delights and uniqueness of this food, but different for you who do not know yet, then you need to read this paper, so you know what is rothi parata. This food has actually started many served in some fancy restaurants, especially when you visit the city of origin of this parata bread, certainly a lot of sellers – sellers who serve this delicious menu.

Indian Parata Recipe Delicious

Ingredients make parata bread

500 grm of wheat flour, choose a good one
150 ml of liquid milk
40 grams of butter
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp fine salt

How To Make Indian Parata

Please prepare a container to make bread dough
By mixing ingredients such as flour, sugar, and a little salt, mix until mixed
Then pour the liquid milk little by little, stirring slowly
Keep the dough flat and dull, round shape and let the dough for 20 minutes, to slightly expand

Forming Parata Bread

Go ahead for the dough into sections, we usually weigh 50 grams, then round again like meatballs
Take the round dough, then sprinkle the flour on top, and start smoothing the dough using the wooden roll tool
Do it until the dough is thin or with the thickness you want
Prepare a flat pan, then spread with a little butter, and let it dry
Then bake the prata paste that has been flattened to golden yellow
Remove and store in serving dishes.
Roti Prata is very tasty at all if you cocolkan into gravy or spicy curry sauce, especially when served while still warm, because it is very crunchy and soft. Therefore please try to make your own at home, for snacks while relaxing or wait for the rain to stop. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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