Recipe of Japanese Tumis Horenso Cuisine

Recipe of Japanese Tumis Horenso Cuisine

Recipe of Japanese Tumis Horenso Cuisine – The sakura or japanese country is not only famous through the cartoon films but there are also other famous ones such as the food. Call it horenso stir-fry food, this food is not only preferred by the Japanese people but from outside Japan also many who like it including Indonesian. Horenso stir fry is a food that is very much liked by many people, besides delicious this food is also very healthy because it is made from vegetables. Horenso stir-fry is very suitable served together with white rice. Curious about the taste of this japanese food? Let us kreasikan didapur your home without having to buy to where it came from. Horenso stir fry is very easy to make and to be able to serve it at the table does not require much time. So what are you waiting for? Yu we make now horenso saute typical japan and prepare the ingredients first as below.

Recipe of Japan’s Tumis Horenso

Ingredients to make horenso stir-fry:

Horenso provides 2 handhelds
Rice mushrooms provide 100 grams
Japanese ketchup provides 1 tablespoon
Dry chili provide 3 pieces (cut into small pieces)
Garlic provides 3 eggs (sliced into small pieces)
Onion Bombay provide ½ fruit (sliced into small pieces)
Pepper powder provides ¼ teaspoon
Sugar provides ¼ teaspoon
Leaves provide 1 stalk (sliced)
Salt provide ¼ teaspoon
Clean water provides 100 ml
Cooking oil provide 1 tablespoon

How To Make Japanese Style Saute Horenso:

Prepare the pan then heat the cooking oil, saute the garlic and onion slices into it, saute until fragrant
Add stir with dried chili pepper while stirring and then enter the rice mushrooms and horenso. Stir and cook until it becomes wilted
Pour Japanese soy sauce and put sugar, pepper powder, salt and water into the dish. Stir and cook until cooked
Before serving sprinkle horenso sauteed cuisine with green onion and pour it onto a serving plate
Horenso stir-fry japanese ready to enjoy.

Serve Japanese-style stir-fry horenso on the dining table as a special dish. Guaranteed the whole family would love it and be contrived addicted. Congratulations to try it.

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