popular japanese food

popular japanese food

Japanese food is a living part of the culture more and more countless.

Sushi is the most famous culinary in Japan and some people in the country have tried it. This culinary is in the form of rolled rice. Usually mixed with seafood, vegetables, there are also cuts of cucumber, eel (unagi), or new salmon then wrapped with nori (seaweed) can also with leaves like shiso using makisu (woven bamboo rectangle). Before serving, sushi can be cut into short pieces to make it easier when consumed.

This dish is usually known by the pressed sushi or box sushi. As the name suggests sushi is made from sushi rice with additional toppings then printed in a wooden box named oshibako.

Karaage is a Japanese-style cooking technique where various types of foodstuffs, especially chicken, also meat, or fish are fried in an oil bath. This piece of meat is seasoned with a salty marinade or sauce made from a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, then coated in flour or potato starch, then fried in cooking oil much like cooking tempura.

Sukiyaki – popular japanese food
Sukiyaki is a thin slice of beef, vegetables, and tofu in with salty soy sauce, granulated sugar and mirin cooked in an iron pan from the dining table by boiling. Vegetables for Sukiyaki such as onions, leeks, chicory, shungiku (leaf name from seruni family tree), shiitake mushroom, and enoki mushroom.

As a complement to add ito konnyaku or shirataki shaped like a clear or slightly gray soun. Sukiyaki is eaten by dipping sliced meat into a chicken egg whisk. Food this winter is considered a food for the party.

Chirashizushi – popular japanese food
Chirashizushi is made from sushi rice served in a bowl with topping. Edomae chirashizushi is made from rice with raw sashimi topping, while Gomokuzushi (Kansai-style sushi) consists of either cooked or raw toppings mixed with rice.


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