Indonesia Famous Food in the World

Indonesia Famous Food in the World

The country of Indonesia is famous for its tourist attractions that are often visited by foreign tourists. However, not only that this delicious culinary tour was also very global. Indonesian food is very famous and rich in spices it has been widely known by various parts of the country.

From Sabang to Merauke certainly a lot of culinary choices that you can eat in this country. This also causes Indonesian food is always featured in the world culinary festival event because almost all Indonesian culinary tourism is using spices that can not be found in other countries. This is why Indonesian food is so much in demand and has its own distinctive. Here are 8 culinary Khas Indonesia is very famous in the world.

1. Oxtail
But who would have thought, if this oxtail was ever presented at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain.

2. Gudeg
Gudeg Stall is located in Melbourne is one of the restaurants that provide original gudeg Indonesia.

3. Gado-gado
If abroad we can find a salad, unlike the case of Gado-gado typical of Indonesia

4. Tempe
If there had been Indomie, now it was Tempe’s turn to be discussed. Foods made from soybeans is already often mejeng in culinary festival in the world. This typical Indonesian food is most often a re-processed food ingredients with a variety of flavors and cuisine.

Not only in Indonesia, apparently in London there is also streetfood named Warung Tempeh and very popular by the surrounding community.

5. Satay
You can find a lot of satay stalls in Indonesia, even in New York, USA also has an Indonesian restaurant called Satay Junction and Sate Chicken sells as its flagship menu

6. Rice Padang
This is Indonesia’s culinary most favored by local residents and foreign tourists.

“>As if not wanting to miss the pleasures of authentic cuisine from West Sumatra, those who visit Indonesia never want to miss it.

Lately there is also a tourist from Norway named Audun tasted Nasi Padang and so love for this typical Indonesian cuisine that the world is the tourists even to make a song entitled “Nasi Padang”. In addition Padang Padang also turned into the list of 50 most delicious foods in the world version of CNN. Because the spices are rich in spices, almost no one can resist them.

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