How to Serve Japanese Food Sukiyaki

How to Serve Japanese Food Sukiyaki

Prepare a dipping sauce by shaking one egg for each person to be served sukiyaki. According to the traditional way, dye sauce made from raw eggs is served with sukiyaki. This combination of raw eggs may seem unappetizing to some, but it’s a delicious combination, even if you’re inclined to dislike it.

If you are worried about raw eggs that contain salmonella bacteria or you do not like the taste, do not use this egg. Maybe this information is useful to you: Salmonella bacteria are very rarely contained in raw eggs.

Dip the meat and vegetables into raw egg whites before eating. Take anything that looks intriguing from inside a hot pot and dip it in the egg.

If you do not eat sukiyaki with family or close friends, use a thicker chopstick tip to get food from the pan. This method is considered polite.

Continue by adding meat and vegetables to the hot pot pot while you are eating. If no food is left, cook the ingredients in the remaining broth. Green leafy meat and vegetables will mature faster than other vegetables.

If there is any remaining broth, store it, and serve it with mi udon for tomorrow. In Japan, using leftover sukiyaki broth as a broth for mi udon is the usual traditional way. If the broth is not enough but you want to make sukiyaki again, use sukiyaki sauce recipe above and mix it with the remaining sauce. Reheat the broth to a boil, then reduce the stove flame. If the broth taste is too strong, add 80 ml of water and taste again.

Such is the Way of Presenting Sukiyaki Japanese Food. Do not forget to visit always blog to update information about food and beverage in foreign countries

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