How To Make A Typical Japanese Sushi Roll Food That Is Delicious

How To Make A Typical Japanese Sushi Roll Food That Is Delicious

A self-made roll sushi at home with an easy way and delicious flavors to serve the family.

Before you try a home-based sushi roll, we’ll share how to eat sushi. Japanese food has many types according to the form of rice and its contents.In addition, there are unique things in how to eat sushi below.

The most famous sushi is a type of sushi nigirushi that is enjoyed by dipping a little neta soy sauce. Nigirizushi is eaten by hand, even for the type of nigirizushi generally eaten at one time (once a bribe).

As for the chef himself, sushi has a special chef namely sushi experts known by the term sushi shokunin called sushi honorable experts. In general, men are never given the opportunity to women who try to become a sushi chef.

Still, the uniqueness of sushi, rice used for sushi tastes sour and more tender because after cooked rice seasoned. Seasonings used for sushi rice are sugar, salt, and rice vinegar. As for the tool itself using a rattan tool to roll sushi, the tool is given the name of makisu or roller mat.

Well, once you know the information about sushi we will give you a recipe and how to make a good sushi roll and also easy at home. Here is the way for you.

Recipe Ingredients and How to Make Sushi Roll is Easy and Easy
Main Ingredients Sushi Roll

150 grams imported japan rice
200 ml of water
1/2 tablespoon rice vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
Ingredients Contents Sushi Roll
2 pieces of nori size 19x20cm
6 pieces of crab sticks
9 pieces of cucumber japan, cored, long cut
1 teaspoon of white sesame, then roasted
6 pieces of avocado, long cut
1/4 tsp black sesame, then roasted

How to Cook Recipes and How to Make Sushi Rolls are Delicious and Easy

To make sushi by cleaning it clean, drain
Put into the rice cooker and pour water, cook.
After that set aside water to warm,
Hot-casting heat on the tray. Set aside and let it warm.
Then mix salt, rice vinegar and sugar.
Then pour in some places of rice, stirring with a wooden spoon until evenly distributed.
Then cover with a moist clean cloth, ready for use.
To print sushi, take 120 grams of rice and then dikepal.
Then placed on a sheet of nori, flatten to the remaining 1 cm from the tip.
Sprinkle in the center by using a mixture of black sesame and also white sesame. Use makishu or woven bamboo
Put avocad, crab stick and also cucumber japan, roll and also padatkan.Serve

After you have tried how to make a delicious Japanese Sushi Roll Food, you can share your sushi roll cooking experience in the comments field provided below. In addition, you can also try sushi recipes. Some mature sushi recipes, Japanese sushi, and fried sushi can be your choice and your family. In addition, share our link on your social media account. Good luck trying recipes overseas recipes.

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