Healthy Food for Kids 2018

Healthy Food for Kids 2018 – This time we will provide some information about healthy food for kids in 2018 which can be used as your reference for mothers to provide healthy and nutritious food for your child. We need to know, that children are still indiscriminate to the problem of food, sometimes we mothers do not realize whether the food purchased in our children while they were in school, the street is really healthy? To control it, we should make the food we make ourselves at home. Here are some healthy foods that you can be a healthy food for your child.

1. Eggs
Eggs are foods rich in protein and vitamin D. For children, eggs can help the body absorb calcium. To consume eggs, should be done when children are having breakfast. We can make it with a variety of foods, but we recommend that the cooking process does not use oil, but in boiled, can be half cooked or cooked, so that protein contained in the egg is not lost.

2. Fruits
Children are in dire need of fruit. Why? because the fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and rich in nutrients and other fibers. Give occasional fruits to a child they like. To eat it you can give to your child by eating it directly, or we can make it into fresh juice preparations.

3. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is rich in fiber content is very good for the digestion of the child’s body. By eating oatmeal, the child is able to concentrate and be able to pay attention when the child is studying in school.

4. Beans
Beans are foods rich in fat. According to various sources we read, nuts can nourish the child’s heart.

5. Food tofu
Tofu is a food that contains lots of protein. Very well consumed by girls, because it is capable for the development of breast tissue.

6. Milk
Children desperately need protein and calcium to make it a source of energy in the brain and body. To form the strength of bones and teeth can be helped by taking calcium. It’s all in milk.

7. Yogurt
In Yogurt there are good bacteria that can boost the immune system in children. In addition, the child’s digestion will be smooth if you eat yogurt.

8. Tomatoes
In the tomato there is a compound called lycopene and antioxidants that according to research able to fight cancer cells.

9. Salmon
The content contained in salmon meat is fatty acids and omega 3. By eating salmon meat, brain development of children will increase, and can reduce the risk of inflammation and depression in children.

10. Basil
Inside basil leaves contain lots of vitamin A, K, C and iron and kalsiuum that can mengelancar digestion in children.

Similarly, some foods that can be ingredients to be processed into Healthy Food for Kids 2018. Actually there are many other foods that are not healthy healthy that has not been mentioned above. Such as Kayumanis, Black Soybean, Chocolate and others. But we need to know in mengonsumsikannya on children should not be excessive, but must be balanced. Let’s take care of our children with proper education and provide a healthy nutritional intake for our children. Thanks. May be useful. Do not forget to visit the lezate blog for other information updates.

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