Food Trend in Indonesia in the Year 2018

Food Trend in Indonesia in the Year 2018

Salted Egg Chicken
this fourth culinary has indeed survived in the year 2017 and become the favorite hitz culinary choice in Indonesia. for those of you who do not know what the hell Salted Egg Chicken? Salted Egg Chicken is a salted egg chicken, consisting of tasty pieces of fried chicken, salted egg sauce, beef egg, and white rice. This Salted Egg Chicken Serve tastes good when it’s warm, let’s try Cobain

Sate Taichan
Culinary this one is lately hitz and become an option when more cruising culinary. for those of you who do not know what kind of sate taipan? nah guys satay than it consists of pieces of chicken meat is tender, then given a spicy peanut seasoning taipan flavor that has a savory taste and sidiki sour, this tasty taipan sate taste when given chili sauce. Sate taipan is easy to meet usually food festival, mall, and cafe.

Thai Tea
Well, this is the first Trend Food Trend in Indonesia in the Year 2018 and warmly discussed among culinary lovers, drinks from Thailand is indeed a favorite drink lately in Indonesia. For those of you who do not know what the taste of Thai Tea is like? nah coincidentally I’ve never tried it, actually, Thai Tea is a tea Thailand tea that has a sweet aroma, mixed with sweetened condensed milk, and lastly given ice cubes that make 1 cup Thai Tea is perfect.
to find Thai Tea is quite easy you just look at the Mall, there are a lot of Thai Tea sellers who have a variety of flavor options such as green tea, original, milled coffee, milo, milk tea, and there are many choices of tea that can accompany you at the end

Egg Cheese Tart
Who is cheese, lover? nah guys for you cheese lovers really Cobain Egg Cheese tart, this one snack is a delicious snack and melting mouth. so not infrequently Egg Cheesetart is used as a snack when hangout. for you guys, hitz obliged really Cobain snack this one time, guaranteed addiction.

Sweet balls
Who ever Cobain this cute sibulat? well for those of you who have never tried this Ubi Balls is a typical Indonesian food in the old days, this sweet potato ball, when digging then the middle of this empty yam ball makes this sweet potato balls tasty. This one snack is easy to find Kok guys, usually there dipujasera, and mall. Sweet potato ball is really fitting to be a snack when with friends, family, or loved ones.

Mango Juice
Drink this one is really ngehitz really, among children slang Indonesia, this orange drink made from mango sweet and fresh, 1 cup Mango Juice consists of mango juice, whipped cream, and mango pieces that make it look beautiful and refreshing. To find this orange drink you can stop by the existing King Mango mall in the capital.

So some information about the Trend Food Trend in Indonesia in 2018. Hopefully this article can be your reference if a visit to Indonesia.

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