European Food Fettucini Carbonara With Broccoli

European Food Fettucini Carbonara With Broccoli

Fettucini Carbonara Ingredients

one piece of chicken breast with diced cut
one piece of sausage according to taste
five champignon mushrooms
1/2 grated cheese rod
1/2 cloves of onion are finely chopped
Two pieces of garlic are finely chopped
1/4 kg of green broccoli
Spinach green according to taste
Three tablespoons of creamy mushroom pasta sauce
Oil to taste for sauteing

Steps needed Cooking Fettucini Carbonara With Broccoli Is As Below

Heat the oil then put the chopped garlic together with the onions, stir-fry until fragrant, then put the meat and mushrooms
If the chicken in the flavor is cooked then enter the sausage pasta sauce cream mushroom and stir until evenly distributed
After flush, add the spinach and broccoli and then add the cheese that has been grated and stir evenly. Then serve with grated cheese on top.

So how to make European Food Fettucini Carbonara With Broccoli, good luck.

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