10 Japanese Cuisine That Must Be Tried While Visiting to Japan

10 Japanese Cuisine That Must Be Tried While Visiting to Japan

To start exploring the vast variety of Japanese culinary, take a walk around any train station. Places to eat and drink that concentrate here certainly represent most domestic cuisine, with prices that are generally quite affordable. For visitors who can not speak Japanese, some restaurants display their plastic replicas and candles in the front window, or provide a menu with color photos.

Another great place to find affordable food is in the big department stores that often provide the entire upstairs or basement for restaurants. Some low-priced restaurants ask visitors to buy coupons for each dish, be it at the cash register or the sales machine. While the tip is not done in Japan.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese dishes that were once known in western countries either in the form of “sukiyaki” or more exotic “sushi,” have been increasingly recognized and liked throughout the world in recent years. Many Japanese visitors have already tasted the pleasure of raw fish and shrimp fried flour. But some of the first visitors to Japan have been waiting for the diversity and luxury of traditionally prepared food. Eating in Japan is an experience you will enjoy and remember for life.


Sukiyaki is prepared right on the table by cooking thin slices of beef along with various vegetables, tofu and noodles that are shaped like soun.


Tempura fried food with lots of cooking oil, after coated with a mixture of eggs, water, and wheat flour. Among the ingredients used are shrimp, seasonal fish and vegetables.


Sushi is a small piece of raw seafood placed on a lump of rice that has been vinegar. The most commonly used ingredients are tuna, squid and shrimp. Cucumbers, pickled radish and sweet omelet are also served.


Sashimi is a slice of raw fish eaten with shoyu (a kind of soy sauce).

Kaiseki Ryori

Kaiseki Ryori is considered the most classy dish in Japan. This dish consists mainly of vegetables and fish with seaweed and mushroom as the base and is characterized by high taste.


Yakitori is made from small chunks of chicken, liver and vegetables thrust into a bamboo prick and burned on charcoal.


Shabu-shabu is a slice of soft and thin meat that is held with chopsticks and rocked in boiling water, and then dipped into sauce before being eaten.

Soba and Udon

Soba and Udon are 2 types of Japanese noodles. Buckwheat is made from a kind of wheat flour and Udon from wheat flour. Both are served with broth or dipped in sauce, and are available in hundreds of delicious variations.

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